Shuttle Tankers, FSO and ALP

Change of Entity Names

Please note several entities within the Altera Group (formerly known as Teekay Offshore) are changing names. These name changes impact our brand name and logo only. There is no change in ownership.

For the avoidance of doubt there will be no change to:

  • entity registration numbers
  • addresses, phone numbers, etc.
  • banking information

Please see the list below on effected entities:

Old entity name
New entity name
Norsk Teekay Holdings Ltd.
Altera Norway Holdings Ltd.
Norske Teekay AS
Altera Norway Holdings AS
Teekay Al Rayyan L.L.C.
Altera Al Rayyan L.L.C.
Teekay (Atlantic) Chartering ULC
Altera (Atlantic) Chartering ULC
Teekay (Atlantic) Management ULC
Altera (Atlantic) Management ULC
Teekay do Brasil Servicos Maritimos Ltda.
Altera do Brasil Servicos Maritimos Ltda.
Teekay European Holdings, S.a.r.l.
Altera Luxembourg, S.a.r.l.
Teekay Grand Banks AS
Altera Grand Banks AS
Teekay Grand Banks Shipping AS
Altera Grand Banks Shipping AS
Teekay Knarr AS
Altera Knarr AS
Teekay Netherlands European Holdings B.V.
Altera Netherlands B.V.
Teekay Navion Offshore Loading Pte.Ltd.
Altera Shuttle Loading Pte.Ltd.
Teekay Nordic Holdings Incoporated
Altera Nordic Holdings Incoporated
Teekay Norway AS
Altera Norway AS
Teekay Norway Hiload AS
Altera Norway Hiload AS
Teekay Norway Marine AS
Altera Norway Marine AS
Teekay Offshore European Holdings Cooperateif U.A.
Altera Infrastructure Cooperateif U.A.
Teekay Offshore Chartering L.L.C.
Altera Infrastructure Chartering L.L.C.
Teekay Offshore Crewing AS
Altera Infrastructure Crewing AS
Teekay Offshore Finance Corp.
Altera Infrastructure Finance Corp.
Teekay Offshore GP L.L.C.
Altera Infrastructure GP L.L.C.
Teekay Offshore Group Ltd.
Altera Infrastructure Group Ltd.
Teekay Offshore Holding L.L.C.
Altera Infrastructure Holding L.L.C.
Teekay Offshore Operating GP L.L.C.
Altera Infrastructure Operating GP L.L.C.
Teekay Offshore Operating Holdings L.L.C.
Altera Infrastructure Operating Holdings L.L.C.
Teekay Offshore Operating L.P
Altera Infrastructure Operating L.P
Teekay Offshore Operating Pte.Ltd
Altera Infrastructure Holdings Pte.Ltd
Teekay Offshore Partners L.P.
Altera Infrastructure L.P.
Teekay Offshore Production Holdings AS
Altera Infrastructure Production Holdings AS
Teekay Offshore Production (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
Altera Infrastructure Production (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
Teekay Offshore Services Pte.Ltd.
Altera Infrastructure Services Pte.Ltd.
Teekay Petrojarl I Servicos de Petroleo Ltda.
Altera Petrojarl I Servicos de Petroleo Ltda.
Teekay Petrojarl Offshore Crew AS
Altera Infrastructure Production Crew AS
Teekay Petrojarl Producao Petrolifera do Brasil Ltda.
Altera Petrojarl FPSO Petrolifera do Brasil Ltda.
Teekay Petrojarl Production AS
Altera Infrastructure Production AS
Teekay Petrojarl UK Limited
Altera Production UK Limited
Teekay Shipping Norway AS
Altera Infrastructure Norway AS
Teekay Shipping Partners Holding AS
Altera Partners Holding AS
Teekay Shuttle Tankers L.L.C.
Altera Shuttle Tankers L.L.C.
Teekay Varg Production Limited
Altera Varg Production Limited
Teekay Voyageur Production Limited
Altera Voyageur Production Limited
Wave Spirit AS
Altera Wave AS
Wind Spirit AS
Altera Wind AS