One step closer to realising Stella Maris CCS


One step closer to realising Stella Maris CCS – the large-scale, maritime and flexible CCS solution.

Together with our partner Wintershall Dea, Altera Infrastructure have applied for a CO2 storage license in the North Sea for our “Havstjerne” project.

Altera’s Stella Maris CCS solution is tailored to collect, transport, inject and store 10Mtons of CO2 per year using strategically placed collection hubs and large CO2 carriers for transport to safe and permanent offshore storage.

Altera has over the last ten years been developing a mature maritime solution which is unique in its scalability. Altera’s vision is to build an open access based CO2 infrastructure to allow emitters across Europe to connect to a cost-effective CCS solution. We are offering the emitters a safe and reliable, fully integrated CCS infrastructure value chain, including terminal, shipping and permanent storage.

“If we are awarded the license, this will be the first commercial, large-scale CCS solution in Europe. CCS is industrial development where we believe strong partnerships are key to successfully deploy a solution which is competitive to the cost of emissions. With Wintershall Dea as an experienced operator, our companies have built a unique partnership with deep knowledge and operational experience across the infrastructure value chain.– Johanne Koll-Hansen Bø, VP & Head of CCS, Altera.

Having advanced discussions with large emitters and land-based industry clusters across Europe, we are confident we will have a robust platform in place for the early commercialisation of CCS.