Meet us at COP27


Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our time and calls for immediate action. CCS is part of the solution. To achieve the goals set out in the Paris Agreement, we not only need to reduce emissions dramatically but we also need to collect, transport and store carbon dioxide on a massive scale. The world needs a collective effort and infrastructure investments on a level we have never seen before.

Altera can do this.

Our Stella Maris CCS solution will safely collect, transport and permanently store 10 million tonnes of CO2 – every year. And this is just the beginning. Our maritime solution is flexible and scalable and enables quick deployment of large-scale CCS projects.

COP27 in Egypt will be all about accelerating development and implementation of climate solutions and we are proud to announce that our VP and Head of CCS, Johanne Koll-Hansen Bø, is invited to be a speaker and panelist in Sharm el-Sheikh. Her key message is that we need to have a holistic approach to CCS development. Effective realisation of large-scale CCS requires industry-wide collaboration and strong government support.

The time for action is now.