CCS Scaling Up!


Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is a key topic as it is considered by many as one of the main solutions to reach the 1.5 degree Paris Agreement Goal.

Altera’s “Stella Maris CCS“ solution, initiated in 2019, as the first of its kind, will offer a chain of large-scale floating infrastructure for collection, transport, and injection of CO2 into subsea reservoirs/aquifers. Further to a memorandum of understanding signed between the parties, Altera is working to provide cost efficient floating CCS infrastructure solutions for a global market, not limited to size nor geographical location. Our ambition is to become a major player providing cost efficient global maritime CCS solutions.

We bring valuable infrastructure experience with our FPSO’s (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading) and Dynamically Positioned Shuttle Tankers. In essence, the Stella Maris CCS project can be regarded as doing what we are doing today, only in reverse. I.e. going from bringing hydrocarbons from the reservoirs to the market to bringing CO2 from the market back to the reservoir.

Stella Maris CCS: Enabling large-scale floating collection, transport, and offshore storage of CO2

The main element of the logistic chain comprises:

  • Floating CO2 Collection, Storage and Offloading hub (CCSO) located in the proximity of a central cluster of industry, which will allow for the reception and further conditioning of various grades and states of CO2
  • Shuttle Tankers with a capacity of 50.000 m3 of liquid CO2 under low pressure, making the total amount of CO2 injected up to 10 million tons per year. This number is equivalent to 20% of Norway’s carbon emissions!
  • Offshore offloading system with dual buoys ensuring continuous injection
  • Floating pumping station receiving CO2 from the shuttle tankers, heating, and pressurizing CO2 for injection through a flexible riser
  • Dedicated subsea systems, wells, and suitable saline aquifer for safe and permanent storage of CO2.

In 2020-2021 Norwegian authorities have through the Climit Board, managed by Gassnova (the Norwegian state enterprise to promote technology and competence within CCS) granted partial funding of the progressed development of the Stella Maris CCS project enabling Norwegian industry to take a leading role in the global large scale CCS market.