Altera Podcast – Embracing Global Mobility for Growth and Diversity


In the third episode of our podcast series, we explore the concept of global mobility at Altera Infrastructure. This episode offers a deep dive into the experiences from  team members who have embraced international assignments, showcasing the personal and professional growth that comes from such experiences.

Experiences from Around the World
Thale Juul, Improvement Director and our Engineering Manager Nishant Gupta share their stories of living and working in different cultures. From adapting to new work environments to understanding local customs, their experiences highlight the richness and challenges of global mobility.

The Impact of Global Mobility
Global assignments not only contribute to individual growth but also play a crucial role in developing a diverse and inclusive company culture. Employees returning from international postings bring back a wealth of knowledge and a broader perspective, enriching the workplace.

Supporting Employees in Their Journey
Altera Infrastructure understands the complexities of global mobility and provides robust support to its employees. Whether it’s navigating new cultures or balancing professional and personal life in a foreign country, Altera ensures our team members are well-equipped for their international roles.

Tune into our podcast to hear more about how global mobility is shaping the careers of our employees and contributing to the diverse culture at Altera Infrastructure.
Or – if you prefer to listen to it you can find it on Spotify (Link: Rekrutteringspodden).