Altera Podcast – A Closer Look at Our Recruitment Approach


In Episode 2 of our podcast, we dive into Altera’s recruitment for projects, showcasing the challenges and thrills of staffing big operations. With around 230 professionals already in Dubai and more on the way, Altera’s recruitment drive is a testament to its growth and dynamism in the energy sector. Join the conversation with our P&O Manager Kine Thorsø Hiedanpää and People & Organisation Advisor Sissel Lorentzen as well as Trond Engedal and Magnus Moan from MDE.

Collaboration and Culture in Recruitment
Key to Altera’s recruitment strategy is our close collaboration with clients and a deep understanding of the cultural nuances in various locations. This approach not only makes recruitment more efficient but also ensures that new hires are a good fit for Altera’s inclusive and diverse culture.

Building a Diverse and Dynamic Team
Our commitment to diversity is evident in our workforce, comprising numerous nationalities and backgrounds. This diversity creates a dynamic environment where different perspectives are valued and contribute to the company’s success.

Tune into our podcast to learn more about how Altera Infrastructure is shaping the future of energy through innovative recruitment strategies. Discover how we’re building a team that’s not just skilled but also culturally aligned with our vision of a sustainable and inclusive future in energy.