A Successful Rescue Mission

Shuttle Tankers

Last week, we encountered a situation that required our immediate attention and action. Our Shuttle Tanker Samba Spirit spotted a small boat adrift about 190 nautical miles west of the Moroccan coast. The people on board were waving for help.

Without hesitation, our team decided to alter the course to assist the drifting boat. We provided aid and support to 35 people who had set off for the Canary Islands but had come off course and run out of fuel and food and had been adrift for seven days. The Samba crew provided water, food, blankets and offered medication if needed. Saving life at sea is a code for seafarers in general and Samba Master decided quickly and correctly that safety for the migrant’s life was at stake, and he would not leave them alone.

After contacting relevant authorities in Morocco and Spain, a Search and Rescue (SAR) vessel was dispatched from Lanzarote, Spain and came to the rescue, bringing all refugees safely to shore.

At Altera, we are strongly committed to our humanitarian responsibility, and we would like to express our gratitude to the crew of Samba Spirit for their remarkable response to a life-threatening situation and compassion in the face of this distressing situation. Their dedication and professionalism serve as a testament to the values and principles that Altera upholds.